8 Week Wellness Program

Welcome to our 8 Week wellness program where you will learn how to take your health to the next level and finally achieve the health that you’ve always strived for. Over the next 8 weeks we will help you get back to your optimal weight, reduce your risk for chronic illness, lower your stress, and assist you in getting back to an active lifestyle. Below you will see the link to each presentation followed by a simple homework assignment to be completed by the next module.

Workshop 1: Intro to Wellness

The first module will cover key concepts that you will rely on to better understand the rest of the program.

Workshop 1: Introduction to Wellness Click here to watch now.

Week 1 Homework


Module 2:

Nutritional Essentials

The second module will get into the specific dietary recommendations necessary to reach your specific health goals. What does the latest nutritional research show regarding the types of foods and nutrients that your body needs to be healthy.

Click here to follow the link. This weeks homework is on the last page of the presentation.

Workshop 3: Hormones & Role in Weight Loss

Hormone balance is critical to healthy weight management. Learn simple strategies to balancing your hormones to reduce appetite, and increase fat burning. Also learn the many health implications related to proper hormone levels.

Click Here to watch now.

Download slides here. Module 3

Workshop 4: The Dangers of Sugar

Sugar has been implicated in numerous health issues. Here we will explore the perils of eating sugar and strategies to eliminate it from your diet, including artificial sweetners.

Click here for Module 4.

Module 4 Homework.

Workshop 5: Inflammation

Inflammation is at the center of your health status and keeping inflammation to a minimum is vital. We’ll teach you how to reduce inflammation naturally and the ramifcations if you do not!!

Click here to view module 5.

Workshop 6: Conquering Exercise

Exercise is a necessary component to health. Workshop 6 will explore optimal exercise recommendations to improve health, metabolism and weight loss.

Click here for module 6.

Workshop 7: Mental Stress Management

Mental Stress is a key component to weight loss and healthy eating. In this workshop we’ll discuss the many ways you can lower your stress naturally.

Click Here for Module 7.

Workshop 8: Final Emotional Food Cravings & final testing!!

Celebrate your success, no matter how big or small. Health is a process, and sometimes it may take longer to achieve your ultimate goals but celebrate all successes along the way!! Also, if you did the basic lab testing at the beginning, it’s time to retest to chart your physiological changers.

Click Here for Module 8