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Automobile Accident Injury Doctors / Chiropractor in Washougal Washington

Are you looking for an automobile accident injury doctor or chiropractor in the Washougal Washington area to help you with pain issues? Read on to find out why you should consider Pure Wellness Chiropractic for your Automobile Accident Injury doctors.

Dr Michael Dornbush – Automobile Accident Injury (whiplash) Specialist

One of the many specialties that we focus on are injuries resulting from Motor Vehicle Collisions. Dr. Mike recently completed the prestigious Whiplash Injury Biomechanics and Traumatology certification from the Spine Research Institute of San Diego. It’s very important to find a provider who knows how to properly manage your care when dealing with the affects of whiplash related injuries.

Our office has invested many hours training with professionals in treating and managing your entire case, including dealing with the insurance companies. It’s very important to get checked by a provider as soon as possible after the accident so there is no doubt as to the cause of the injury.

Concussion is a common injury related to whiplash from an automobile accident and something that shouldn’t be overlooked upon evaluation. However, it’s common for this condition to be missed upon exam unless there are obvious symptoms, which is why we use new technology to assess balance, coordination, eye movements, and questionnaires to properly assess your injuries.

What Is Whiplash?

Whiplash is a term used to describe a hyperflexion and hyper extension injury due most often to a rear end collision in an automobile accident. This often causes damage to the spinal ligaments and muscles in both the front or back of the neck but doesn’t always cause immediate pain. In fact with female patients, the pain can be delayed for weeks following the injury. This is why it’s a very good idea to be assessed by a trained physician immediately following a whiplash injury to determine the degree of injury, even though the pain is not yet present or mild.

Our precise evaluation process for automobile accident injuries will help to properly document the degree of your injuries and also help to determine your length of recovery. We use digitized active range of motion assessments, digital posture analysis, on site digital x rays as well a thorough exam to evaluate your need for care in our office or referral to a specialist or rehabilitation.

Other common Injuries from automobile accidents can include:

Neck pain, Low back pain, Headaches & Dizziness, Post Concussion Syndrome, Sciatica, Tingling & Numbness, Tinnitis, TMJ, and any other pain after a motor vehicle collision.