Corporate Services


Pure Wellness is excited to offer a group wellness program for the Washougal School District that will be available to all staff. There will be Webinar's available online on Stress awareness, nutrition and weight loss, physical exercise, and mental stress reduction. We will also be offering a phone app for members to help participants track movement and daily water intake as well as provide information about nutrient content of many different foods.

Nutritional Coaching

Nutritional coaching and testing is available at Pure Wellness!! We believe using nutritional supplments when needed and targeting the deficiencies that show up on specific tests rather than guessing what someone might need. Most of the tests can be performed at home to make it easy and convenient.

Group Seminars

We now offer group health and wellness programs for corporate or small to large group settings. They can be seminar, webinar or both and we will help assess and track health relate biometric information for the clients to use to track their health progress with our app.

Doctor Supervised Weight Loss Program

At Pure Wellness, we know that achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is an important part of someone's health, which is why we advocate a modified Ketogenic Diet. The Keto diet has been around for years and is the most scientifically researched diet available. Look at our event calendar for more information for the next 8 weeks to Wellness progam for January 2019.

Register For Our Webinars

Our Free webinars are a great resource for information on trending news on chiropractic care and nutritional coaching. Register for free by clicking the button below.