Pure Wellness Heart Lab

As part of our mission to improve the health of our community, we have decided to invest in specialized equipment to measure the heart health of our patients before there is a problem. Heart disease is most often preventable if detected early!!

Self Interpreting EKG

The electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) is a noninvasive test that is used to reflect underlying heart conditionsby measuring the electrical activity of the heart. 
An abnormal EKG can mean many things. Sometimes an EKG abnormality is a normal variation of a heart’s rhythm, which does not affect your health. Other times, an abnormal EKG can signal a medical emergency, such as a myocardial infarction(heart attack) or a dangerous arrhythmia.

Itamar EndoPat Test

EndoPAT is an Innovative, safe and non-invasive diagnostic device for Functional Vascular Health Assessment for both large and small arteries. It is the only FDA cleared non-invasive test to evaluate the level of Endothelial Function. 
Endothelial Dysfunction is recognized by the medical community as the critical junction between risk factors and clinical disease. It is the earliest detectable stage of cardiovascular disease.

The EndoPAT adds an important dimension to cardiovascular prevention by enabling physicians to reliably measure endothelial function and identify pathological cases of endothelial dysfunction at early stages. 

Heart Rate Variability Test

HRV is the variation in the time interval between one heartbeat and the next. When we think of our heart rate, we generally think of a number between 60 and 90 beats per minute. This number represents the range for the average heart rate. In fact, your heart rate changes from beat to beat. When you inhale your heart rate speeds up and when you exhale it slows down. So rather than referring to a fixed pulse of, say, 60, the heart rate will actually vary between, say, 55 and 65. HRV is a measure of this naturally occurring irregularity in the heart rate. Nearly a quarter-century of clinical research has shown that when HRV levels are high, a person experiences low levels of stress and greater resiliency. When HRV levels are low, this is an indication of greater stress and lower resiliency.

24 Hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

The Ambulatory blood pressure monitor (ABPM) is the GOLD STANDARD for adequately and appropriately measuring blood pressure.

We now offer specialized blood pressure monitoring for those patients who tend to experience increased blood pressure when at the doctor’s office. The 24 hour test will allow us to determine the patient’s blood pressure at home, work and at night to make sure their BP is dropping when at rest.

ABPM is the recommended screening of Hypertension in the UK. It is superior to office and home blood pressure monitoring to predict future cardiovascular events, morbidity, mortality, and target organ damage.

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM) is more accurate than blood pressures obtained in the doctor’s office. ABPM is more predictive of risk for cardiovascular disease events (heart attacks and strokes).

Advanced Cardiac Lab Testing

At Pure Wellness we use the Functional Medicine approach to assessing your heart health. Thus we typically go one step further when testing blood lipids such as cholesterol and triglycerides to determine what type of sub particles you have so we can treat the cause instead of the symptoms. We will also test for micro nutrient deficiencies and genetic variations that can increase your risk of vasoconstriction and clotting.