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Phase 2: Corrective Care

Most chiropractors regard the elimination of symptoms as the easiest part of a persons care. If all a chiropractor does is reduce pain, the chances of the condition recurring are much greater. In order to prevent a rapid recurrence of symptoms, it is necessary to continue receiving care even though your symptoms are gone.

During the correction / restorative phase of your care, you will not have to receive adjustments as often as you did during the first phase of care – Relief Care. Depending on your condition, you may begin doing exercises and stretches at our office or at home to help accelerate your healing.

Do not be discouraged if you experience mild flare-ups on occasion. This is completely normal. Flare-ups are bound to occur during this phase because your body has not fully healed. Depending on the severity of your injury or condition and how long you have been suffering from it, this phase of your care may require a longer treatment period.