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Whiplash is a condition whereby the head and neck are violently thrown into hyperextension and hyperflexion after a rear impact. It often causes muscle and ligament damage immediately and may also cause bone damage depending on the degree of impact. The patient may not feel pain right away due to the release of chemicals into the body that may block the body’s perception, which is often the case more often in female patients than in male patients.

It often causes instant changes in the curvature of the cervical spine as critical spinal ligaments are damaged after the impact. It’s also important to note that research shows that as little as a 5.6mph impact to someone from the rear is enough to cause this condition, which is often less force than is required to deform or dent a bumper!! If you are involved in a motor vehicle collision, it’s important to be assessed by a healthcare professional that has training in caring for this type of injury. If you go to the hospital and are released without further treatment instructions, call us to get checked out to determine your need for further care.