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Sciatica: The Chiropractic Solution

Sciatic Nerve Injury

The sciatic nerve is a commonly irritated nerve and can cause severe pain in the buttocks, thigh, lower leg and foot. It may also cause numbness and tingling in this same area. The cause of the irritation can originate in the lower back or in the buttocks where it passes close to, or partially through part of the piriformis muscle.

Diagnosing the type of sciatic nerve compression is essential in order to effectively treat the condition and this is a common condition seen by our doctors. Our examination will usually reveal the root cause of the injury and we may need to look further inside with the use of x rays or MRI if the lower back is involved.

Occasionally the lumbar disc can be contributing to the inflammation of the nerve which requires more imaging. Spinal adjustments, spinal decompression, laser therapy, therapeutic massage, specific stretching and strengthening exercises all play a role in effectively managing sciatic nerve pain.