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Success Stories

We value our customer’s experience at Pure Wellness Chiropractic
Below are some client testimonials we wanted to share.
The Pro adjuster treatment was exactly what I needed.

“I’ve been getting chiropractic care for the past 20 years and I loved the feeling to get adjusted using the manual techniques. I met one of the doctors at a local event and he told me about this other type of adjustment so I wanted to see if it would help alleviate my low back pain that never seemed to go away with the other type of care that I’ve had in the past. Did it ever!! Within a week, my low back pain was virtually non existant. The Pro adjuster treatment was exactly what I needed. Thanks Dr. Mike for all your help!!”

Michael H.

I feel cared for truly!

“As a individual with an incurable disease called Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease as well as a herniated disc in my neck, I have experienced pain, numbness, and a significant amount of muscle weakness/atrophy in th epast three years. Since coming to Pure Wellness, I now only have rare occurances where I feel pain and I have begun to see some improvement in my strength and balance due to regular chiropractic care. I can recall many instances where my asthma flared up, I have had headaches or numbness in my arms or legs, and within moments of an adjustment or decompression, have felt relief. I have spent many days and nights worrying or feeling helpless because of my disease and the concern that my limitations will increase and destroy my dreams of balancing my family and career responsibilities. I now feel a sense of hope that my disease may be slowed down because my immune system and nerve health is so much better thanks to your care! I feel cared for truly! I feel that the staff is knowledgable and very compassionate with a bit of humor as a bonus!!”

Robin D.

Thanks so much Dr. Mike.

“I’ve been coming to Pure Wellness for a few years before Dr. Mike took over the practice and have had both manual and pro adjuster adjustments. Well, one day I came into the office with a severe bout of Vertigo and dizziness, which I’ve never experienced before. Dr. Mike was able to use the Pro Adjuster on the upper part of my neck and by the next day, it was completely gone. Thanks so much Dr. Mike.”


Made big difference in our family’s life.

“We brought our son to see Dr. Mike because of repeated bed wetting. In fact a dry night was pretty much unheard of. And, because we had taken our son to every specialist the medical community could think of, we talked to a chiropractor about the possibility that chiropractic care could help. Well we’re so thankful that we did because ever since that first adjustment on the Pro adjuster our son’s episodes of bed wedding are so infrequent that we’re surprised when they happen instead of expecting them. Thanks so much Dr. Mike. You’ve really made big difference in our family’s life.”


Thanks Dr. Mike for all your help and your willingness to always try new things.

“We’ve been coming to the office as a family for years and one of the things that brought is to the chirorpactor was our son who had problems frequently wedding the bed. He got better with the manual adjustments but it never seemed to last. When Dr. Mike took over the practice he started doing a special protocol on the Pro Adjuster instrument and immediately we started noticing that the frequency started becoming less and less. We’re happy to report that my son has been dry for the past 6 weeks and counting and it really is no longer an issue. Thanks Dr. Mike for all your help and your willingness to always try new things in the way you take care of your patients.”


I no longer suffer from headaches.

“I’ve been getting adjusted at Pure Wellness for about 4 ½ months. Chiropractic has helped me in many ways. I no longer suffer from headaches, I am sleeping better and I feel more alert during the day. Symptoms that have improved are decreased upper back, neck pain and knee pain. I can finally run without knee pain!! My activity level has increased & since then I’ve incorporated Yoga and joined the Pure Wellness running club!

I’ve also learned about proper nutrition from attending Dr. Mike’s nutrition workshops. I started buying organic and eating organic meat! I started taking my vitamins which has given me more energy! This has affected my life in a positive way and I feel more in tune with my body and mind.

What amazed me the most was finding out that my legs were different lengths. I had no idea! After Dr.Mike did a hip adjustment my legs were even. Pure Wellness is a great place to come for your Chiropractic needs. I would recommend any of my family and friends to Pure Wellness. Dr.Mike is great and the staff is always friendly!”

Christin S.

Chiropractic has affected my life in so many amazing ways.

“My name is Marietta and I have been under Chiropractic care since February 2013 and have noticed how much of a difference it has made in my life! Chiropractic has affected my life in so many amazing ways. My insomnia has decreased, I have more energy and feel more alert throughout the day. I’m more aware of my posture, diet and exercise. Since having more energy I would like to purchase a bike to step up my activity level.

I’m amazed at how quickly my body has responded to the adjustments. I feel more relaxed and notice that my injuries heal a lot quicker than they use to. Over all, I have a feeling of well being and I’m more in tune with my body and how it works. I love coming to Pure Wellness for my Chiropractic care! Dr. Mike has done a great job in helping me on my path to wellness. The staff is really great too. They greet me with a smile and help me with any questions I have. The atmosphere is very comfortable and welcoming. It’s never too late to get started on your path to true wellness. Thank you Pure Wellness Team!”

Marietta R.